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MAL'OCCHIO screenings at La Semaine Italienne de Montreal Aug 9 & 10! 

Piccolo Teatro, Leonardo Da Vinci Center
8370 boul. Lacordaire
Montreal, QC

Mon, August 9, 2010, at 7:30PM & 9:00PM
Tues, August 10, 2010, at 7:30PM & 9:00PM
The film will be presented in English and Italian (with English subtitles)
A part of La Semaine Italienne de Montreal / Montreal's Italian Week


MAL’OCCHIO [the evil eye] to make its U.S. premiere at the Jersey Shore Film Festival

June 7, 2010, Montreal – Redhead Productions is very proud to announce that the documentary film, MAL’OCCHIO [the evil eye], will make its U.S. premiere at the Jersey Shore Film Festival.

Filmmaker Agata De Santis sets out on a quest to uncover the world of MAL’OCCHIO – the evil eye – where one can become physically ill by another’s envious glances, where the only remedy is a phone call to the old woman down the street, and prevention involves wearing strange-looking amulets. Agata travels to Italy, New York, and to her mother’s kitchen in Montreal to decide once and for all if the evil eye is real. Can science prove or disprove the superstition? Is the belief still practiced by the new generation? How does one go about curing mal’occhio? Or better yet, preventing it?

The evil eye is one of the most widely held superstitious beliefs of all time. Countless cultures and generations have an unwavering belief in the powers of envy and jealousy and the magical rituals that stop those powers.


@ Axelrod Performing Arts Center
100 Grant Ave, Deal, New Jersey

@ JCC Film Salon (Axelrod Performing Arts Center)
100 Grant Ave, Deal, New Jersey
*Followed by Q&A with director

To learn more about the festival, please visit

For further information on MAL’OCCHIO, please visit


Happy Mother's Day!

Hi and welcome to the new and improved Rue's Kitchen. It's not completely finished yet and honestly, a website is always a creative work in progress.

The Library portion contains all the content from previous incarnations of this website. I will also continue to add content to this area of the website. The easiest way to browse this site is through the Table of Contents.

Rue-minations is where I will communicate my thoughts on my beloved subject matter. This is the area where what you read is in fact my thoughts, my experiences, my voice.

Come on in and take a look around. What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. I am furiously working in the background transferring content from my old site as well as posting brand new content. Over the course of the next couple months, things will continue to be tweaked and customized but it shouldn't interfere with your use of my site.

I wish to thank all my old friends and long-time readers as well as my new friends and readers.

Benevenuti e sta benedica.

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